Panorama isole Eolie viste da Capo Vaticano
Capo Vaticano – Isole Eolie

Section of coastline Tropea – Capo Vaticano (known as La Costa Bella):

White sandy beaches, bays, rocks, coves, multi-coloured sea beds, panoramas and sunsets like nowhere else in the world, that will be inextricably tied to memories of a happy holiday spent here.

It is difficult to find the words to describe them, but Giuseppe Berto did manage to do so when he wrote “On clear days you have the Aeolian Islands before you. Stromboli, Panarea, Salina, Lipari and Vulcano. If you look out from Capo Vaticano on the last day of April and on the 13th of August, you might just be lucky enough to catch sight of the sun as it drops into the Stromboli’s crater. Occasionally, as the sun sets in the winter and spring, you can just catch a glimpse of Capo D’Orlando, in far off Sicily. What also happens, and not so rarely, is that a huge snow-covered mountain appears to the south-east – it’s Mount Etna. So there you have it, within the space of two horizons – two volcanoes and both of them smoking. It’s not magic, but those who have the good fortune of seeing this may just wonder if it is.”

Tropea’s well-preserved historic town centre with its age-old quarters and groups of houses is the place to lose yourself in the by now forgotten ancient and refined atmospheres.

Coastal towers, museums and the old churches with the elegant aristocratic buildings.

The nearby Aeolian Islands and Stromboli, the volcano. Numerous local fairs and festivals.

Finally, some interesting historic, food, wine and natural excursions, round off what the area has of offer.

Baia di Grotticelle a Capo Vaticano
Baia di Grotticelle – Capo Vaticano

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