Capo Vaticano in Calabria
Capo Vaticano

“The Capo Vaticano headland is the oldest point in the Mediterranean. Its granite has orogenic origins dating back to before that of the alps. It is studied in all the world’s geological institutes and scientists have been able to uncover events that occurred millions of years ago.”

Here, nature reigns supreme and offers well-preserved remnants of aristocratic dwellings as well as those of humble farming families together with many fields, woods, mountains and coastline.

It is here that gorse, arbutus, aloe, rosemary, dwarf palm trees and many other plants flourish. The banana tree bears fruit here. Numerous other farm products are produced here ranging from the famous red onions of Tropea to prickly pears, oranges, lemons and mandarins, from olive trees, oaks and almonds etc.

The stretch of headland of Capo Vaticano that extends towards Tropea – Parghelia features some truly lush agricultural areas renowned for the “Tropean Red”. We’re talking, of course, about the red onion of Tropea.

The marine environment has always been famous for its purity that is due to the total absence of coastal industries and large cities.

It is possible to explore the coral or fish for: dentex; sand steenbras; sea bass; amberjack; moonfish; sea swallow; garfish; paddlefish; sardine; anchovy; conger eel; moray eels and octopus, etc…


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