Hotel a Tropea e a Capo Vaticano

Hotels in Tropea, Hotels in Capo Vaticano in Ricadi and along the Costa degli Dei, in the more picturesque section (known as the Costabella) from Tropea to Capo Vaticano.

The sea is renowned for its transparency and the colours of its waters have been rewarded with 4 or 5 Sails (quality recognition) . Capo Vaticano (4 Sails) and Tropea (5 sails).

The Co.Ge.Tur consortium offers tourists a number of alternatives of where to stay in 3 or 4-star hotels.

For a list of the 3 or 4-star hotels to be found along the Tropea – Capo Vaticano coastline – search through the members of CO.GE.TUR and send a booking request.

  • Villaggio Hotel Baia del Sole (4 stelle) ->
    Capo Vaticano, Località Torre Ruffa – Telephone: (+39) 0963 663302 – 663989
  • Hotel Residence Il Gattopardo (3 stelle) ->
    Capo Vaticano, Viale G. Berto – Telephone: (+39) 0963.663438
  • Hotel club Torre Marino (3 stelle) ->
    San Domenica di Ricadi, località Torre Marino – Telelefono: (+39) 0963.669065
  • Villaggio Hotel Solemare ->
    Capo Vaticano, Località Tono – Telephone: (+39) 0963 663302 – 663989
  • Villaggio Hotel Stromboli (3 stelle) ->
    San Domenica di Ricadi, località Torre Marino – Telephone: (+39) 0963.669093
  • Villaggio Hotel Roller Club ->
    Capo Vaticano, Telefono: +39 0963 663033

 >> Check the geographical location of the different hotels in Tropea and Capo Vaticano using the Holiday Map-> Mappa Vacanze

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