The Co.Ge.Tur Consortium groups together the Holiday Villages in Calabria, along the Costa degli Dei in the located on the side of Calabria that overlooks the Tyrrhenian sea – from Tropea to Capo Vaticano di Ricadi.

Holiday Villages in Calabria are the perfect place to spend summer holidays filled with sea, sun and having fun.

The sea, renowned for its transparency and colours, its multi-coloured beds, the white sandy beaches, world famous bays and coves, unique sunsets and panoramas, a hinterland rich in its traditional produce and so full of history all round off an offer of a uniquely relaxing holiday in the heart of the Mediterranean, opposite the Aeolian Islands.

The Consortium offers numerous 3 and 4-star Holiday Villages by the sea, and apartment and hotel style accommodation. The following is a list of Holiday Villages in Tropea and Capo Vaticano, directly overlooking the sea, with direct contact!!

hotel resort tonicello

Hotel Resort Tonicello ***

Loc. Capo Vaticano – 89866 – San Nicolò di Ricadi (VV)
Tel.: +39 0963 663724

Villaggio Marco Polo

Villaggio Marco Polo ***

Via Rione Nuovo, Contrada Riaci – 89866 Santa Domenica di Ricadi Tel.: +39 0963 669054
Tel.: +39 0963 669659

Villaggio Hotel Residence Old River ***

Località Torre Ruffa Capo Vaticano – 89866 Ricadi
Tel.: +39 0963.663458
Tel.: +39 0963 663269

Hotel Residence Solemare

Capo Vaticano, Località Tono
Telelefono: +39 0963 663463

Hotel Club Torre Marino ***

Santa Domenica di Ricadi 89865 Ricadi Capo Vaticano (VV)
Tel.: +39 0963 669065

Hotel villaggio Stromboli

Hotel Villaggio Stromboli ****

Loc. Torremarino – 89866 – Ricadi (VV)
Tel.: +39 0963 669093

La Conchiglia Resort & SPA ****

Loc. Tono, snc 89866 Ricadi (VV)
Tel.: +39 0963 663256

Eden Village a Capo Vaticano

Eden Village ***

Spiaggia Grotticelle 89866 – Capo Vaticano (VV)
Mobile: +39 0963 663949
E-mail: [email protected]

Villaggio Rocca di Vadaro

Hotel Resort Rocca di Vadaro ***

Località la Torre, 89866 San Nicolò di Ricadi, Capo Vaticano VV
Mobile: +39 0963 663462
E-mail: [email protected]

Per visualizzare la posizione dei vari villaggi turistici in Calabria a Tropea e a Capo Vaticano di Ricadi,
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