cartine della Calabria
Map of Calabria.

The region of Calabria is marvelous location where land and sea collide to form a unique and beautiful landscape. So many Mediterranean civilizations have passed through this region and every one has left its indelible mark on the artistic and architectural heritage, the archaeological landscape, the local cuisine, the crafts and the music.

And it is here in the Calabria Region that you will find “CO. GE. TUR.” , a Consortium that is comprised of hotels, shops and tourist services created to provide visitors with the necessary support that will guarantee that they will have a pleasant holiday.

The Consortium is entreanched in the surrounding region and will allow you to discover the hidden corners of this land and enjoy the authenticity of Calabria; “Co. Ge. Tur.” is a point of reference for Italian and foreign operators, improving usability and positively stimulating tourism institutions and local organizations as they develop important tourism initiatives.

Costa degli Dei” (Coast of the Gods) or “Costa Bella” (Beautiful Coast) are the names given to the stretch of the southern Tyrrhenian Calabrian coast, falling wholly within the province of Vibo Valentia. This beautiful part of the coastline, which borders the so-called horn of Calabria, is famous for its series of bays, capes, white beaches and clear blue seas. The seaside resorts of the Costa degli Dei are Pìzzo Càlabro, Briàtico, Zambròne, Parghèlia, Tropèa, Capo Vaticano and Nicòtera. Tropea and Capo Vaticano, where you can see all the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria, are recommended in particular for tourists.
Tropea is not only beautiful beaches, breathtaking views, crystal clear sea, but also a romantic village with an old town that is full of life, restaurants and local craft shops, its narrow streets full of history. It is too restrictive to just spend your time in Tropea on the beach. You have to get to know it and experience its traditions to truly appreciate it: enter the human journey and culture of Calabria, older than commonly believed.
Capo Vaticano is a wide beach resort in the municipality of Ricàdi, full of accommodation. The cape that takes its name reaches the maximum height of 124 metres and is made of special white-grey granite, studied throughout the world for its special geological features. In addition, the beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea teeming with fish make Capo Vaticano a must for scuba divers and Italian and foreign tourists.
Capo Vaticano-Ricàdi is the ideal place for those who like living in close contact with unspoiled nature, on the shores of a unique stretch of clear turquoise sea. Along the coast, a succession of sheer cliffs, sandy rivers, caves and isolated beaches, natural and unspoiled, nature that is always alive and thriving, beautiful landscapes and especially the sun, which fills the crops with strong flavours and people’s hearts with joy.

Calabria also has an ancient culinary culture thanks to the many people who have left traces in the way food is prepared and in the local traditions.

Calabria, as you know, is top of the class when it comes to wholesome, tasty preserves, cold meats and cheeses. Definitely try the red onion from Tropea, the ‘nduja di Spilìnga sausage, the Pecorino del Monte Poro, the extra virgin olive oil, the local wine and other typical products that help you experience Calabria in a brand new but fully valid way, through food, wine and nature rural tourism.

Note that it is possible to take day trips to the Aeolian Islands and Taormina from this splendid stretch of coastline.
These and many other natural, cultural, and historical attractions as well as and culinary delights await you in this land of wonder. The “Co.Ge.Tur” Consortium awaits with open arms to guide you in the discovery of this region that has a thousand facets …

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